Apr 052012
How A Teacher Can Help A Teenager Who Develops Acne

It’s difficult as an adult to stand by and watch any teenager suffer through the problem of acne. It can be a devastating condition that makes going to high school unbearable if it’s serious enough. Teenagers are already going through a variety of hardships and it certainly doesn’t help when they have such a notable […]

Mar 232012
The Top 10 Reasons To Become A Teacher

There are ways to teach that don’t require formal education. Every parent knows they don’t need any kind of college degree to teach their children manners. However, the phrase “become a teacher” generally brings to mind a traditional school system. If you want to become a teacher in a traditional school system, there is advanced […]

Mar 152012
Inspiring Students To Go The Extra Mile

This is a guest post by Nik @Career_Journey who is a coach who provides business and Career Coaching services. Nik has been laid off multiple times and now has his own coaching practice. He has a positive outlook on life and is always willing to help his next client on the way to a successful […]

Mar 122012
Educational Picnic Games For Kids

From having fun at the playground to resuming outdoor sports, warmer weather leads to happier children. Outdoor settings make almost every activity more fun, and that is especially true when it comes to one topic that frequently makes children groan with disappointment: education. Kids tend to associate learning with textbooks and pop quizzes, and while […]

Mar 012012
Tips For Creating An Online Teaching Course

Teaching, whether as a parent, a mentor or a professional, is the oldest task known to human beings. While methods and materials change and evolve over time, the basic premise is always the same: imparting new knowledge to fresh, keen minds. In an age where electronics and extreme connectivity have altered the very landscape upon […]

Feb 282012
5 Reasons Why Teachers Quit Their Job

Recent statistics suggest that teaching is one of the most stressful jobs in the country and has one of the highest job dissatisfaction ratings according to a New York Times. A poll conducted by the Health and Safety executive found that over 40% of teachers found themselves to be highly stressed and unhappy at work. […]

Feb 122012
How To Be A Successful Online Teacher

Thanks for its flexible hours, online teaching is becoming a more popular career choice for those graduating from teaching education programs. What’s more, with the ever increasing popularity of online university degree programs, the demand for online teachers has exploded in recent years, and is projected to continue growing at a parabolic rate in the […]

Feb 112012
Legal Issues For Teachers

Teachers, as well as teachers in training, are probably aware that their profession is unlike any other. After all, in what other job are professionals responsible for not only the safety of other people’s children, but also their education, and by extension, their futures? There are many unique issues that educators can face, including long […]